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INK Multilingual Solutions, S.A.
Over 20 years providing translations
and language services
About us

INK Multilingual Solutions

The company was founded in 1991 and specialises in translation and language services. We design and provide comprehensive solutions, leaving our clients free to focus on their core business.

INK has solid and extensive experience in offering high-quality language services and always meets deadlines. We adapt to the preferences and needs of our clients.

When a client comes to us with the need to localize a product for a specific market, we study the case carefully to find the best solution: one that makes the product work, both linguistically and culturally, outside the context for which it was originally designed but with the same results.

INK coordinates and participates in international, European, and Spanish R+D+i projects for the use of cutting-edge information technology in education and language.

How we work

At INK, we handle both general translations and those that are highly specialised and from very diverse fields. The profile of our professionals is one that combines linguistic training with specialist knowledge on individual subjects.

All our texts are initially evaluated by a project manager who looks for the most appropriate professional to complete the job and selects the best tools for the task at hand. After the work has been assigned and completed, it undergoes a second revision process and automated quality controls that guarantee coherence in the terminology, check numerical data and spelling, preserve the document's format, etc.

Finally, the project manager evaluates the final result to ensure that it fully meets our client's expectations.

This diagram shows the work flow followed from the moment a project arrives to its delivery to the client.


INK is part of the group of companies affiliated to the Open University of Catalonia
INK is part of the group of companies affiliated to the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

INK collaborates with the Autonomous University of BarcelonaINK collaborates with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, training students on internships from the Master's Degree in Translation Technology run by the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting.

INK collaborates with the Pompeu Fabra University
INK collaborates with the Pompeu Fabra University, tutoring students studying Translation and Interpretation or Languages so that they can carry out their internships and increase their skills through working with our professionals.
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Tel.: +34 934 961 600
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Fax: +34 934 873 900