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INK Multilingual Solutions, S.A.
The timely delivery of projects and strict quality controls

Language Services

We translate all kinds of texts: technical manuals, product catalogues, yearly reports, medical protocols, monographs, PowerPoint presentations, websites, etc.

Editing original texts
We can correct spelling, grammar, style and orthotypography errors in original texts that were written by native speakers of the text language.

When the texts have been typeset and before they are printed, we can proofread the final copy and galleys to guarantee the text has been typeset properly.

We can transcribe conferences, adverts, seminars, presentations, etc. from audio format to an editable digital format, mainly Microsoft Word.

Based on the corrected text, we can suggest designs for front covers or collections and we can typeset the content (text, graphics, tables, etc.) according to the preferences of every client.

formats We Deal With

Here at INK we can deal with all kinds of formats, including:
  • doc, rtf, txt, xls, ppt, etc. (we preserve the original format)
  • Adobe PDF
  • html, xml, sgml, xhtml, etc. (we preserve the original format)
  • avi, mpeg, wav, etc.
  • QuarkXPress, Illustrator, InDesign (PC and MAC) (we preserve the original format)
We swiftly manage multilingual projects for technical manuals, product catalogues, websites, etc. Consequently, our clients do not have to worry about the final typesetting process as they send their documents to us directly in InDesign, Quark, etc. and we deliver them, translated and typeset, ready for final approval and printing.
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Tel.: +34 934 961 600
Skype: inkmultilingual Skype
Fax: +34 934 873 900