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INK Multilingual Solutions, S.A.
96% of our clients would recommend our services

INK has very good relationships with its clients. We are aware of the fact that they increasingly demand higher quality and faster turnarounds; but they value more than the quality and timely delivery of our services - they value our customer care and the way we continuously monitor their projects.

We know that our success depends on how well we understand our clients' needs and how we convert this knowledge into solutions that are of clear benefit for their businesses, on the basis of close cooperation. At INK, we know what is at stake and we are aware of the various challenges and problems faced by our clients.

We carried out a satisfaction survey to find out our clients' opinions on different aspects of our company and the results were fully satisfactory.

They mostly gave scores of more than 8 for important aspects such as quality, timeliness, confidence in services, and reliability, which has made us very proud. We also now know where we need to improve so we can make these high scores a constant feature and avoid any problems that might affect the services we offer to our clients.

Please check out the results of the satisfaction survey

Some of our clients
Some of our clients

Our clients' opinions

INK has always been very professional and we have always been extremely satisfied with their work. As well as being pleasant and willing to provide a good service, they always follow both written and oral instructions, they always deliver the material strictly on time, and the translations always meet our demanding quality standards. INK manages our projects professionally and has a proven track record, so we do not hesitate to recommend its services.
Purchasing Manager for a leading Swedish translation company
For some years now, INK has been translating our corporate website from Spanish into Catalan and English to our satisfaction. After translating much of the content in record time, whilst keeping the formats and website codes, they permanently update it each week and work closely with the departments involved.
Corporate Development Manager of one of Spain's leading electricity companies
For years, INK has translated our company's general terms and conditions, questionnaires, and applications for all types and fields of insurance into Catalan. It has also translated to and from a range of other languages (German, English, French, Arabic) for the Claims and Customer Services departments. They are now working on the translation of our website into English and Catalan. INK's experience in the insurance field has clearly been an advantage with this type of language service.
Purchasing Manager for a leading insurance company
INK has a proven technical track record in medicine and healthcare. They have been translating clinical trial protocols for our pharmaceutical products for many years.
Product Manager of a pharmaceutical company
INK managed and carried out the translation of all of our organization's contractual and operational documentation in just 4 months.

Over the ten years that we have been working together, INK's commitment has always been 100%, and the right procedures have been used to incorporate the translations in the required languages into our IT systems. They are currently our language service provider and we rely on them to maintain and update all of our documentation.
Regulations Manager in the Organization Department of a leading Spanish bank
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Tel.: +34 934 961 600
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